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 Iris de Roos

(Admitted to the bar in 2000) 

Iris de Roos studied Dutch Law at the University of Nijmegen and Fiscal Law at the University of Amsterdam. She started her career at Price Waterhouse (later PWC) as a tax consultant. In 2000 she made the switch to Stibbe where she was admitted to the bar. After five years at Stibbe she transferred to Spigthoff (later Spigt Litigators) to focus more specifically on tax litigation. After having lead her own practice for two years she joined Van Bavel Attorneys in 2016.  

In addition to tax litigation, in recent years Iris has focused more on administrative law, in particular in disputes between citizens and local authorities regarding short stay and conversion or withdrawal of residential properties. This currently forms an integral part of the enforcement policy in the municipality of Amsterdam. She regularly litigates governmental organisations for fiscal and other matters for wrongful governmental acts. Furthermore she provides expert statements for third party lawyers to apply to their (mostly civil) proceedings.

Iris’ work is regularly published; for example she is the co-author of two books in her field of expertise (‘De fiscale eenheid in vennootschapsbelasting’ (the fiscal unity) and ‘Procesrecht in belastingzaken (tax law litigation)).  

Her activities focus on the following subjects:

Tax law

Corporate tax

Income tax

Substantial interest

Sales tax

Payroll tax

Gambling tax

Excise duties

Lessor duties

Dutch voluntary disclosure scheme

Tax fines

Tax fraud

Legal costs compensation

Damages for wrongfully imposed tax assessmentsInfringements of article 1 of protocol no. 1 of the European Convention on Human Rights

Short stay

Hotel policy

Illegal hotels


Bed and Breakfast

Conversion or withdrawal of residential properties

Housing Act

Procedural law

In addition to appeal proceedings and legal proceedings at District Courts, Courts of Appeal and the Council of State she focusses on:  Appeals in cassation

Complaints with the National Ombudsman

Appeal procedures in collection cases FIOD (Fiscal Information and Investigation Service) investigations 

Iris conducts her activities at own expense and risk under the flag of Van Bavel Attorneys.