Van Bavel Advocaten
Visiting address:

Barbara Strozzilaan 201
1083 HN Amsterdam

Postal address:
P.O. Box 59747
1040 LE Amsterdam

T: +31(0)20 312 16 00
F: +31(0)20 312 16 06



Cees van Bavel founded Van Bavel Advocaten in August 2009. Cees has over two decades of experience in economic and criminal law, and is regularly elected by peers to be listed in expert guides such as the European Legal 500. For  11 years he was a shareholder in CMS Derks Star Busmann N.V., and head of the Corporate Criminal Defence Group.

Van Bavel Advocaten primarily handles cases that involve special investigation services or supervisors, including the Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD), the Dutch equivalent of the Financial Services Authority (AFM), or the Dutch Central Bank. As a result, Van Bavel Advocaten has considerable expertise in the field of criminal law and tax offencies. In addition, the office also has extensive experience in dealing with anything from tax fraud to insolvency fraud, from insider dealing to environmental crime cases, and the ensuing international proceedings such as extradition, and minor assistance cases. We also have a proven track record of advising clients on compliance issues, and of investigating possible criminal offences perpetrated within companies, involving forensic accountants where necessary.

The team at Van Bavel Advocaten have extensive professional knowledge and litigation experience, and are prepared for every challenge or surprise that may come their way. We distinguish ourselves from other law firms by our no-nonsense, hands-on approach. As a specialist law firm our cost structure is low, there is a personal relationship with the fee-earner dealing with the case, and we scrupulously avoid conflicts of interest.

Our lawyers are aware of what the business community requires and respond accordingly, they are well-informed about the various branches of commerce and industry, and know the kinds of problems they may have to face. They are proactive, and provide clients with a quick problem analysis and potential solutions. We do not like tardiness, inaccessibility, and not returning calls, and we certainly do not like mediocre work.

When dealing with your case, of course we will not lose sight of the cost aspect. Before you engage us, you will receive a specification of the hourly fees of the attorneys who will be working for you and an indication of the possible costs. We send detailed fee statements on a monthly basis. We are only satisfied when we have achieved the best possible outcome. In short, we provide tailor-made services at a reasonable price.